Three days in Caceres, quite expected mini holidays since we haven't enjoyed our spare days a long time ago. The weather has been and will be the main focus. The sky has been cloudy and grey since we left Algeciras. The rain has been heavy in some moments. Once in Caceres, after driving for five hours we reached our rented appartement, at about 15:30 (Cambreros st., 2). We stopped in Merida to have our usual lunch in Gambrinus, a restaurant in this historical city; we always do the same stop when we cross this part of Spain, Extremadura. A very cosy apartment, and the important thing, it was very close to the "Plaza Mayor".
Caceres will always be a very special city for me since I did my militar instruction in the "CIR Santa Ana", 1988. The city keeps that hippie charm that I loved and its old part has been the scenario of more than one medieval film without making significant changes to the streets.
The afternoon was very wet, so we decided to enter the "Parador de Caceres" to have a drink.
Then we made time at the apartment until dinner, in the restaurant downstairs, a very good-looking place. It was called "Restaurante Madruelo", where we ate an exquisite sea bream with mushroom source. Once we finished we went back to our apartment; Marta and Mariana stayed there and I went out to take night pictures of the old town, an amazing spectacle. Caceres changes totally at night. A real paradise for those who like night photography.



Apartment where we stayed

Caceres at night

Madruelo restaurant


Sunday early morning in Caceres. Due to the mild weather we decided to go to Trujillo, about half an hour far by car. This place is full of history; Pizarro and Orellana were born here. We use to make a route in segway whenever we visit this small town. Three segways started the route from the "Plaza Mayor de Trujillo", one with the instructor and Marta, the second one with a tourist from Badajoz as old as me and I was in the third one. It took us one hour to go all around Trujillo while the instructor explained us the key places of it. Marta handled the steering while the instructor handled the power. When we returned again to the starting point, "La Plaza Mayor", Marta took total control of the machine, and thus was the focus of the entire square: everybody was amazed when they saw such a little girl driving that kind of device.
Lunch time. We went to another known place: "Restaurante Hueso". We ate ''migas extremeñas" just delicious. My stomach was not very happy the rest of that day and part of the following for having eaten such a greasy dish...
Another place that couldn't be missed was the "Izan Trujillo" hotel, an old convent turned into a hotel with cache. Then we returned directly to Caceres in the evening and we didn't leave the apartment until the following day.

Plaza Mayor with the Pizarro's statue

View of Trujillo

Marta in segway around the Plaza Mayor


We left the apartment at about 11:00. The weather turned rainy again. Before arriving in Zafra, the showers were heavy although not constant. Once in this city and having had lunch in a restaurant we decided to stroll the old city for a while. The ambient, the streets and buildings were just amazing. We liked the place so much that we promised to return for a weekend, at the "Parador de Zafra" if possible, an old fortress made into an impressive ''Parador".
We had to stand several heavy showers in our way back. We were home again at about 19:00.


Zafra's Parador

Central square in Zafra