Extremadura  December 2015

December, 6th Sunday


The sun rised in Tornavacas and we intended to go to Plasencia. We had some "churros" that Mariana bought at the central square of Tornavacas for breakfast And then we made to our destination. The weather, as it used to be those days, was quite sunny though the temperatures were not very high. We parked our car in a public parking and we walked to the city centre. We went through the"Puerta de Trujillo" and then we run into the Cathedral. We decided to visit it later on. We went to the old "Santa Clara convent" where we saw the local Nativity scene. Then we did enter the cathedral then to see it deep inside. Once or visit was over we went to the "Plaza Mayor de Plasencia" where some pig figures were painted with lively colours and patterns. They were pure design pigs, a worthy spectacle.

Lunch time was getting closer and closer and we entered a restaurant called "Succo", wonderful choice. When our stomachs were full up we made to the "Parque de los Pinos", the "Central Park" of Plasencia: huge gardens with numerous ducks and peacocks among the species of birds in that place. Marta played in a park for a while and then we returned to Tornavacas again. We had a drink in the only restaurant of the village (Puerto de Tornavacas), and then we returned to the apartment to have dinner. We'll go trekking tomorrow.

Decorated pigs exposition

"Succo" Restaurant, Plasencia

December, 7th Monday


We woke up a little earlier than usual to go to our trekking route around the "Garganta del Infierno" Natural Park called "La ruta de los pilones". With three kilometers in one direction it can be done in two hours both ways. And that's the time we spent. We arrived to a part of the Jerte river where the flow of the water makes some "pilones" or ,"natural jacuzzis" a real natural spectacle. When we returned we ate again in the only restaurant of Tornavacas, "Puerto de Tornavacas" as previously mentioned. We hadn't much daylight left since the sun sets very early in this part of Spain. We finished our lunch at about 16:00, and then we drove to a small and pintoresc village: Candelario. A place where the typical and ancient Extremadura's architecture has been respected until nowadays, and as a result an extremely attractive village can be admired. The 950 inhabitants living there are proud to live in this place for sure. We decided to return to Tornavacas at 19:00. We had dinner and we went to bed to rest as much as possible for we had to drive back home during six hours.

Los Pilones Trekking route, Jerte valley


December, 8th December


It was about time to return; we left at 11:30 AM and as a farewell our landlady gave us a very nice looking box full of kiwis. We faced six hours driving and we had to make our mind to that idea; we stopped in Zafra where we had lunch at a small bar located in the "Plaza Grande"; we reached home at 18:30 in a long yet comfortable return trip.

Plaza Grande, Zafra