Frankfurt       May 2018

 27th April 2018

Algeciras - Málaga - Frankfurt - Hanau - Limeshain - Langenselbold

We left home at 07:30 A.M. We drove though the paid highway to ensure our on time arrival, reaching our usual ECP parking at about 09:10 A.M. where we leave our car whenever we go on holidays. The weather was mild, about 20°C with no clouds above. The security check crossing was passed without checking-in using the desks for we did the check-in on- line, something quite recommendable if your trip is short and you travel only with hand- luggage. A lot of people at the security check, but our waiting time was short. The flight was two hours and a half long. My cousin was waiting for us at the airport. We run into long and slow queues in the highway to reach Limeshain,  small village near Frankfurt where my cousin lived. This slow driving forced us to divert to Hanau trying to skip that traffic jam. Then, at the center of Hanau, our car broke down. For it was lunch time, we found a place with oriental food from where we bought something to eat; while my cousin, Francisco, called for assistance, we had lunch in the car. The towing vehicle took us and my cousin's broken car to the door of the house where Francisco lived in Limeshain. We made to a supermarket to buy some drinks, and after a couple of hours Conchi, Francisco's wife, and their two sons joined us. The car's failure seemed to be a loosen belt but it was not so easy to repair. There was a Mexican restaurant in a village called "El Cuervo" in Langenselbold, about half an hour driving from Limeshain where we had a copious dinner. Drove back to Limeshain to sleep for we wanted to wake up early the following day.

Bound to Frankfurt

Dinner at "El Cuervo", Mexican restaurant in Langenselbold

28th April 2018

Büdingen - Saalburg - Mall Loop 5

Early breakfast and early car- ride with Francisco to search for some tools to try to repair the car. A set of special spanners from a store similar to "Leroy Merlin" was purchased for this purpose. We stopped in a shop to buy some meat for a barbecue in our return to Limeshain. Büdingen and Saalburg, two familiar villages for us since 2011 were crossed in our way back. A broken car was waiting for us willing to be repaired. Our job started after checking some clips from Youtube to check out how this reparation had to be done. With a bit of knack and some physical effort we finally managed to put the belt connecting the alternator, the water pump, and the air conditioner in its right place. We were satisfied after a well-done job. Our happiness came to an end though, for the water pump seemed to be damaged and needed to be replaced: as we filled the radiator with water, there was a leakage through a coupling under the engine. This limited us when travelling, there were four cars in the family but two of them were broken down. The funny part of this episode was that I looked like a member of the yugoslavian mafia with the working clothes that Francisco gave me (sport long trousers, short sleeved T-shirt and a sweatshirt with a zipper. After that "reparation" we had a shower and we made to a shopping center called "Loop 5", a huge place where you could buy anything you wanted. Lunch at a floor of that center dedicated to serve food. Some pizza and grilled salmon did the job. Some sport shoes were needed the following day for the trekking route we planned around the Taunus, at the outskirts of Frankfurt. A shoe shop with sales resulted attractive to us and I bought some black Asics for only 54€ ideal for that purpose. Jack Wolfskin, the famous brand of mountain clothing, had a nice looking commerce as well from where I bought a water resistant blue jacket with hood which I had been searching for a long time ago. The evening was falling and we had to return. After a walk to the car, we managed to find the car in the extremely huge parking, a real difficult task. It was 20:30 when we reached Limeshain. We went  to bed after some dinner: the following day promised to be very active.

My, cousin, with his broken car at the door of his house

Loop5 Mall

Mariana and Marta in Loop 5 Mall

29th April 2018

Großer Feldberg (trekking route)- Friedberg

Breakfast in Limeshain. It was a copious meal because a long trekking route through the Taunus was waiting for us, in an elevated natural park at the outskirts of Frankfurt. The sky was completely covered with grey clouds and some rain drops fell from time to time. Our car trip to this place started at 10:45, starting our route at 11:30. It took us until 18:30 to finish the whole itinerary, that's to say, about 23 kilometres. Once at the summit called Großer Feldberg, about 878 metres high , and after a few selfies we started our return. It goes without saying that the way down was easier and smother than the first part, all the way uphill. My new trekking shoes worked perfectly, they were quite comfortable, no rubbing, no blisters... just the sensation of tiredness after walking for 23 kilometres. After one hour driving we were back in Limeshain. Everybody had a shower and then we made to Friedberg where we ate in a Chinese self-service. The dinner had to be fast for it was late, specially in Germanywe ate in a Chinese self-service. The dinner had to be fast for it was late, specially in Germany where people used to have dinner very early. No objections about the restaurant, we ate as much as we desired, the food war delicious and we enjoyed the whole stablishment just for the five of us due to the late hour. We left home at about 21:00 and we were back at 23:00. During the whole evening we couldn't even pronounce a single word, we were just exhausted, but happy though.

The top of Großer Feldberg

Route instructions in the Taunus

30th April 2018

Altenstadt - Frankfurt - Büdingen

Breakfast at home. Going to Frankfurt by train was our plan for all the cars of my cousin's family  had to be repaired or were in or by his sons and wife to go to their respective works. First we took a bus that would take us to Altenstadt, and then a train from there to the center of Frankfurt. We missed the first train though and we had to wait for an hour more. Strolling Altenstad was what we did to make time. Then, after another hour that took the trip to Frankfurt, we were in that spectacular city. In a glimpse we found ourselves in the financial center of Europe surrounded by skycrapes. As a matter of fact we strolled very close to the Central Bank of Europe. The "Skyline Plaza" was a Shopping-Center very close. We strolled thoroughly including the terrace from where the whole city could be made out with the skyscrapers on first sight. After admiring the city from this elevated point, lunch time approached. There was a floor in the building dedicated to restaurants and fast food from many different countries. Then the food you bought was eaten on some tables dedicated for this task. My choice was some dishes from Iran. Marta's pick were some German sausages. We went on with our visit to the centre of Frankfurt. It was Marta's turn to have fun. After such a long time dealing only with adults she deserved entering some attractive place for children. So we did, the Senckenberg Museum was our next aim, the biggest Natural History Museum in Germany, a place for both children and adults where accurate information about geology, fossils, dinosaurs, and a long list related to the Natural the Natural History all around the Earth. Once we were done with the Museum, we made to a Square called Bockenheimer Warte with a very peculiar obelisk, the so called Bakenheimer Turm tower. We met Conchi there after she left her job. A greek cafe called Karioga was our new destination to have a drink. Then we made to the public parking where she had parked with our mind set on our dinner. A restaurant called Da Michele in a small village called Rohrbach was the place where we had our last dinner of our mini holidays; it was not the first time we ate there, we enjoyed their food in our previous visit to my cousin. We joined there the two sous of my cousin with who we shared a wonderful dinner. We were back at 22:00, with our baggage still pending to do.


Marta, Mariana and me at Frankfurt city center

Marta visiting the Senckenberg Natural History Museum


Limeshain - Frankfurt airport - Malaga

Our clock started buzzing at 04:00 AM to catch the plane at 07:30. My cousin and wife woke up with us as well to take us to the airport. We left at 04:30 and we passed the security check 45 minutes later. We made this operation without further problems. Our check-in was done on line before reaching Germany so it was no use to go through the desks. Like in our outward trip, the big hand-luggage case of Mariana had to go on the plane's hold and we were only allowed to get a small plastic bay with things in it. If we had payed for a "priority" ticket, so called by Ryanair, we would have been able to get all our hand luggage into the cabin. A respectless commercial policy and focusing only on taking the last penny to the passenger without caring about his comfort, which from my point of view, has to be the most important thing when travelling. As a last remark in this blog, I want to express my gratefulness to my cousin Francisco and his wife Conchi for their hospitality: they made us feel as if we were at our own home during all our days in Germany.

We landed in Malaga without issues after a comfortable and fast tour (I slept during nearly the whole trip). We reached home at about 13:20, everything was in order. A highly satisfying trip.

Some minutes before taking off to Spain

And our mini-holidays were over...